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Anti-Gay Republican Labels Sen. Lindsey Graham ‘Ambiguously Gay’

by David Badash on March 14, 2014

in News,Politics

Post image for Anti-Gay Republican Labels Sen. Lindsey Graham ‘Ambiguously Gay’

One of the six Republicans challenging Lindsey Graham has labeled the U.S. Senator “ambiguously gay.” Dave Feliciano is a police officer who served in Iraq but quit his job on a SWAT team to run against Graham. Yesterday he told an audience assembled to hear four of the GOP candidates speak, “It’s about time that South Carolina [says] hey, We’re tired of the ambiguously gay senator from South Carolina. We’re ready for a new leader to merge the Republican Party. We’re done with this.”

Graham is a 58-year old Republican, a South Carolina native who first served in the state House in 1993, then as a U.S. Congressman in 1995 before taking the U.S. Senate seat of the iconic segregationist, Strom Thurmond, in 2003. He served in the United States Air Force from 1982-1988, and ever since has served as an Colonel in the Reserves.

On his campaign website, Feliciano goes to great lengths — but fails — to appear he is not anti-gay.

In his campaign statement on “Homosexual Relationships and the State’s Role,” he writes, “as you’ve learned I speak my mind and don’t really care who I offend.”

“My opinion is that if your state values gay sex like California or Massachusetts then they have the right to enact laws that promote it,” Feliciano proclaims. “However, I do not believe South Carolina is a state that values gay sex and I will always fight for the right of South Carolinians to have their opinions heard.”

Feliciano claims that “to some, not all, homosexuality is not a choice. There are some who were born legitimately desiring the same sex. Then there are others who are recruited into that lifestyle. (My gay friends know exactly what I am talking about……).”

But Feliciano also claims that he hasn’t seen “any discrimination towards gay couples,” although the gays he knows “are not the flamboyant shove-it-in-your face type of people.” He believes he has “seen a significant amount of tolerance towards gays from many who call themselves Christian.”

Feliciano concludes, “the only difference between gays and myself is a sexual act.”

What is done in the privacy of one’s own house is none of my business. That being said, why would you have a parade declaring to the whole world the type of sex you have in your bedroom. It seems a little disingenuous. I am raising two kids and they will not be exposed to sex until it is age appropriate. In my opinion the whole thing ought to be shut down. Straight people do not celebrate the sex they have in the streets because sex is meant to be a private act. There are other outlets to discuss the sex lives of couples. Forcing people to love and accept you because of a sexual act you commit seems a bit strange. People judge by a person’s merit, not on what goes on in their bedroom.

As a follower of Jesus Christ and his teachings I recognize that the institution of marriage is a Christian institution. The majority of Christian religions around the world prohibit gay sex and consider it a sin. Therefore to have a gay marriage would be offensive to Christians. It is also not very respectful or tolerant of their religion. The gay couples I know already have all the rights afforded to them of marriage without the actual term of marriage being applied. They understand that they are doing something different then the Christian version of marriage and as a result they don’t really expect or want to have a Christian label of their relationship given to them.


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SeanLiberty13 March 14, 2014 at 9:31 am

"always fight for the right of South Carolinians to have their opinions heard.”

Except LGBT and straight ally South Carolinian tax paying citizens who would BY LAW be your employers right Bigot Feliciano?

It is irrelevant what your version of "Christianity" defines etc. It is 100% ILLEGAL – a violation of American law to dictate laws, both state and federal, on religious anything. You cannot and WILL NOT force, demand, or require American citizens to adhere to your religious beliefs, definitions , etc. through law. It is illegal. Properly educated, civilized, REAL Americans understand that.

"Straight people do not celebrate the sex they have in the streets because sex is meant to be a private act."

And neither do we. Holding hands in public is not sex. Straight couples do it and so can we. Going out on a date is not sex. Straight couples do it and so can we. Putting a picture of our spouse, the person we are dating or our family on our desk or in our locker is not sex. Straight couples do it and so can we. As for the Pride parades, what is done there is also done on TV, at Mardi Gras, at the beach, and at spring break by heterosexuals also so SHUT UP about that; ignorant idiot.

I am not required to live ANY aspect of MY life to appease anti-gay "Christian" trash. That is why it is called MY life. It is irrelevant if anti-gay "Christians" are offended by gay couples using the word "marriage" in the eyes of the SECULAR civil law. "Christians" do not own the word "marriage". Couples of other faiths and no faith use the word "marriage". It is a violation of freedom of speech, an American law and value, to deny American citizens the right to use a word as it applies to them.

If Bigot Feliciano cannot adhere to the American values of freedom and equality and respect the SECULAR civil laws as the apply to ALL citizens not just anti-gay "Christian" ones then he cannot be Senator. The second he fills his pocket with a pay check that comes out of the pockets of LGBT citizens he is their employee and he will comply with their wants and needs willingly or be physically forced to.

P.S. Bohemian, Goth, Preppy, Jock, Geek, Steam Punk, Christian (both anti-gay and pro-gay) – those are lifestyles. Homosexuality is not a lifestyle. I am not a lifestyle, I am a human being. A gay man and straight man can both me preppy or goth but a straight man cannot be a gay man because he is straight. Take a frikin sociology class, moron.

dbcexplorer March 16, 2014 at 1:56 pm

Damn Sean, I think you need to run if you live in SC. I'm in NC, but would damn sure vote for you if I could!

BeerandOnion March 14, 2014 at 4:11 pm

I take it this man means Jews and Hindus and Buddhists and Atheists and Humanists are not married. I assume this man means marriage was created by either the church or Jesus and it did not exist before the first century of the Common Era.

jozy32k March 14, 2014 at 7:10 pm

You took the words right out of my mouth. And his constant referring to being gay being about sex. Me thinks thou dost protest to much, I wonder if you might find him on "Adam4Adam" or "DaddyDater" or some other such site. There is an awfully large number of "married men" on those sites.

James_M_Martin March 15, 2014 at 12:39 am

There is so much that is wrong about Feliciano I do not know where to begin. Ironically, I have for years claimed that his opponent, the incumbent, is a closeted gay man. Now, I find myself in an awkward position of having to defend him, by implication, because Feliciano is so hateful and so wrong it would a shame to see the more moderate Graham defeated by such a vile individual. One of the clues to Feliciano's fraudulent pose is in the statement, "[T]o some, not all, homosexuality is not a choice. There are some who were born legitimately desiring the same sex. Then there are others who are recruited into that lifestyle. (My gay friends know exactly what I am talking about……).” This is a lie. All homosexuality is innate, a matter of nature, not nurture, although of course nurture certainly plays a role, however minor. The reference to his "gay friends [knowing] what I am talking about" is akin to a white person claiming he or she is not a racist because they have "African-American friends." Yes, and they probably see them when the cleaning crew comes in after hours, or behind the counter at the Golden Arches when they're guying their Big Macs. And they probably break the ice by asking the "African-American friend" what they think of Kanye.

Then there are the usual stereotypes, the worst of which is the notion of recruitment. If lgbtq people recruit then the presumption is the person recruited is straight and is seduced into a lifestyle not of their choosing. It is no more possible to recruit a heterosexual into the ranks of homosexuality than it is to recruit a left-handed person into right-handedness. Then there is the notion that same sex couples already enjoy marriage without calling it that, which ignores the many rights straights enjoy that gays and lesbians do not. A recent documentary exposed this lie for what it is: when one of the young men dies, the family of the other one, homophobic in the extreme, commandeer all of the funeral arrangements and strip the partners' living quarters of every shred of evidence that the deceased even lived on earth.

Finally, although one might go on taking Feliciano's ridiculous statements apart, there are the attempts to justify homophobia by use of the bandwagon fallacy: every religion condemns homosexuality, as well as the old standby: appeal to authority (the Bible, Koran, &c.). A person whose argumentation is so full of fallacious reasoning should never be elected to any public office.

pauleky March 16, 2014 at 1:59 pm

Some effed up "logic" there, sir. If the majority of South Carolinians think (or not think as appears to be the case) as you do I'll continue to avoid your state.

ebloode April 21, 2014 at 2:47 pm

Well…really, if you announce to the world that you are straight…how exactly is that different from coming out? Because you won't then have sex in the street? Gay people don't do that either. They don't actually do much differently outside of the house than straight people. So really, you are trying to hold gay people to the higher standard you are so very unwilling to live up to yourself.

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