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Anti-Gay French Protesters Accused Of Using Own Toddlers As Human Shields Against Police

by David Badash on March 25, 2013

in International,Marriage,News,Politics

Post image for Anti-Gay French Protesters Accused Of Using Own Toddlers As Human Shields Against Police

Crowds of 300,000 religious right extremists on Sunday in Paris, France, rioted against police, who were forced to use tear gas to control the anti-gay mobs. But John Aravosis at AmericaBlog reports these “family values” hypocrites who think gay people shouldn’t be allowed to marry or adopt and raise children use their own children — even toddlers, as you’ll see below — as human shields.

And who’s behind these mobs? The Catholic Church and NOM, the National Organization For Marriage — furthering their corporate directive to become the leading international organization at the forefront of denying equality to millions around the world.

“Unbelievable,” Aravosis writes last night:

Anti-gay “family values” protesters in Paris today got violent with the local police during a large anti-gay-marriage protest, and then used their nursery school age children as some kind of human shield to challenge the police.

“On met les enfants devant! On met les enfants devant!” TRANSLATION: “Put the kids in front! Put the kids in front!” a father yells to other protesters, as he approaches the police line with his three year old child perilously perched on his shoulders in order to challenge the police who had just used tear gas and batons to push back the protesters who had just attacked them.

Aravosis has several images at AmericaBlog, and includes this video:

In a follow up this morning, he asks:

Will NOM condemn French “pro-family” violence, use of kids as human shields?

NOM was shameless in promoting the last protest that anti-gay “family values” activists held in Paris, writing about it over and over again on their Web site.  Even Buzzfeed noted the close ties between NOM and the French anti-gay activists. And here’s NOM’s president Brian Brown in Paris at the earlier rally in January, bragging about his support for the French anti-gay activists:

More video of tear gassing from the French police:

And we put together this Storify account:

‘Pro-Family’ Religious Right Extremists Use Toddlers As Human Shields Against Police Tear Gas

Storified by David Badash· Mon, Mar 25 2013 07:25:16

France : rally against gay marriage today in Paris. Police just throw tear gas at children "place de l’Etoile".Vincent T-ours
#PHOTO: Riot police spray teargas as thousands protest against France’s gay marriage law in Paris, by Thomas Samson <a href="" class=""></a>Agence France-Presse
He says: "Let’s put the children in front" – basically using kids as human shields against police. #manifdelahonte now trending on TwitterJames Rothwell
@DavQuinn Love the violence of God’s gentle people and using children as human shields. Nice touch.Bob Barnes
#edgeonthenet #gay Clashes at France Anti-Gay Marriage Protest <a href="" class=""></a> <a href="" class=""></a>Maurice Ross
Thousands march in #Paris against same-sex marriage and adoption (PHOTOS & VIDEO) <a href="" class="">…</a> #France <a href="" class=""></a>~ Le Lynx au Lys ~
Imagine taking 3 year olds to a protest where you know there will be police & tear gas, this story is that. #France <a href="" class="">…</a>Garrett Sawyer
#France – Toulouse: Anti-gay marriage protestors dispute ban on using Champs Elysées MORE: <a href="" class=""></a> <a href="" class=""></a>
Today: France – Between 300,000 and 1.4 million anti-gay marriage demonstrators in Paris MORE: <a href="" class=""></a> <a href="" class=""></a>
Video: AP – Raw: Tear Gas Used Against Protesters in France: Paris riot police used tear gas and fought back … <a href="" class=""></a>thaitvnews
Raw: Tear gas used against protesters in France – USA TODAY <a href="" class=""></a>France & Paris
Tear gas used today by socialists against families & their children in France! #SHAME! #ManifPourTous <a href="" class=""></a>Stefan
#France #Paris #LGBT #News/#Police use tear gas & batons against hundreds of anti- #GayMarriage protesters on… <a href="" class=""></a>Goaty’s News
Tear gas is bad and all, but seriously… these people are dicks: #France protests legalization of gay marriage. <a href="" class=""></a>Michael Martin
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{ 1 comment }

BJLincoln March 25, 2013 at 11:10 am

They were told where they could and could not go so if they were trying to test that and this is what happened it only serves to make the whole bunch look real bad.
I have not seen anything like this from the LGBT side.
I wonder if they will brag about it tomorrow? I hope we don't have any problems like this in DC.

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