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Post image for American Family Association: ‘Nobody Is Any More Hateful’ Than ‘Big Gay’ Bloggers

American Family Association: ‘Nobody Is Any More Hateful’ Than ‘Big Gay’ Bloggers

by David Badash on January 11, 2013

in Bigotry Watch,News,Politics

Buster Wilson yesterday unleashed a hate-filled invective against highly-respected and often-cited LGBT and progressive civil rights organizations, claiming “there is nobody out there that is any more hateful” than “Big Gay” bloggers.

“Think Progress, The New Civil Rights Movement, Right Wing Watch, how many other places, how many supported groups in what Bryan Fischer has aptly named the Big Gay movement, think themselves wiser, smarter, more proficient in life than God almighty or the great Apostle Paul,” Wilson, General Manager of the American Family Association‘s radio network, told listeners.

“For they take anybody, even pastor Louie Giglio, with the influence that this man has in the world today, they think that anybody, even this man, if they say what the Bible says about homosexuality that they are a dangerous, lying, hateful individual and you should shun them,” Wilson claimed, referencing Giglio, the Georgia pastor who stepped down from consideration after being chosen by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to deliver the benediction.

“Make no mistake about it church, that’s where we are today. We are at the place, maybe we’re not thrown in jail for it like pastor Youcef Nadarkhani in Iran, maybe we’re not slaughtered or beheaded for it yet, but make no mistake about it, if you stand and proclaim what the word of God says about certain things, primarily about homosexuality, you are going to be ostracized, you are going to be mocked and ridiculed, you are going to be called names, you are going to be marginalized and you are going to be cast out.”

Brian Tashman at Right Wing Watch, who first reported Wilson’s comments, adds:

After warning that Christians will be made out to be “lying, hateful” people, he later proclaimed that gay rights bloggers are “lying, hateful people” as “there is nobody out there that is any more hateful than these people are.”

“I know for certain, Think Progress is neither,” Wilson quipped. “They neither think nor are they progressive, in the traditional sense of the word. These people are hate-filled, mean-spirited, lying, hateful people. If you can take pastor Louie Giglio and marginalize him so much that he looks evil you are some kind of character.”

“I don’t know how to process that these groups that are so—they call us a hate group. Let me tell you something, there is nobody in the nation that is more hateful than The New Civil Rights Movement, Right Wing Watch and Southern Poverty Law Center and now you can add to the list in my opinion, Think Progress, there is nobody out there that is any more hateful than these people are.”

Wilson rightly notes that his organization, the highly-funded American Family Association, which supports a radio network of almost 200 stations across more than 40 states, reaching millions of listeners daily, has been certified as an anti-gay hate group by the venerable and highly-respected Southern Poverty Law Center.

In order to be included in the SPLC’s hate group list, an organization is tracked, often for years and is proven to repeatedly spread lies and hate against a group of people.

The New Civil Rights Movement does not spread lies and hate — in fact we do exactly the opposite: we reveal facts and use the exact words of people like Wilson’s top spokesperson, Bryan Fischer, to expose the agenda of misinformation, lies, and hate these groups spread.

One final note: Wilson refers to Think Progress, The New Civil Rights Movement, Right Wing Watch, and the Southern Poverty Law Center as “supported groups.” While it’s certainly true we are very grateful to have the support of millions of readers, unlike our esteemed colleagues — including Think Progress, an arm of the Center for American Progress (CAP), Right Wing Watch, an arm of People for the America Way, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, an amazing institution founded over 40 years ago – The New Civil Rights Movement is not “supported” by external funding. Other groups have large endowments, take in huge donations and have people in charge of fundraising.

The American Family Association via their website, for 2011 reported almost $18 million in income (“revenue”) including over $16 million in donations.

The New Civil Rights Movement exists through a lot of hard work, a group of excellent and dedicated writers who selflessly contribute their work, all of which net a very small income via the ads you see, and the donations our readers and supporters generously give. For last year, we took in about point one percent (0.001) of that.

I hope you appreciate our work, and if possible, I hope you can help keep The New Civil Rights Movement going by considering a donation of whatever you can.

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Scott_Rose January 11, 2013 at 1:37 pm

Was Buster Wilson nailed to a cross when he said that Christians are going to be targeted when they voice anti-gay bigotry, or had he simply forgotten that whole Christian denominations and churches support LGBT equality?

Huntercgo January 11, 2013 at 6:21 pm

No, you don't understand — AFA (and FRC and FotF and NOM and all the rest of them) speak for all Christians, everywhere. Episcopalians and Methodists and Lutherans and all those splinter sects aren't real Christians.

angelbaby83 January 12, 2013 at 2:48 am

Oddly enough that seem to be the recurrent theme. That in many places, even more so where there is the theme of unbridled hate against others not like themselves, (from what I have seen) a number of christians either don't know of or chosen to ignore their roots. So they have become the romans in their oppression of others and self righteous in that persecution.

cipher January 12, 2013 at 3:07 am

"you are going to be ostracized, you are going to be mocked and ridiculed, you are going to be called names, you are going to be marginalized and you are going to be cast out.”

He says that like it's a bad thing.

Peter Blaise January 12, 2013 at 9:07 am

Buster Wilson accidentally comes close to speaking some truth: "… make no mistake about it, if [I] stand and proclaim [t]hat the word of [other people's] God says … certain things, primarily about homosexuality, [I am] going to be ostracized, [I am] going to be mocked and ridiculed, [I am] going to be called names, [I am] going to be marginalized and [I am] going to be cast out …”

… because only a bonehead would claim to speak for anyone else's god.

And that's a good thing in that we all seem to be starting to call out bigots who claim to be a conduit and funnel for anyone's god.

We seem to be demanding that no one should ever say that what they themselves believe is the word of their god must universally apply for everyone or anyone else but themselves.

If Buster Wilson believes that Buster Wilson should not act on Buster Wilson's homosexual desires because Buster Wilson believes that Buster Wilson's god said not to, then that is 100% Buster Wilson's responsibility, and Buster Wilson's beliefs and decisions should stand for no one else, as, likewise, Buster Wilson would most probably demand that no one else's beliefs and decisions should ever stand superior to Buster Wilson's own believes and decisions for Buster Wilson's own dang self.

Live and let live, treat others as you'd like to be treated, love, and only love, your neighbor — simple, no?

Robroberts2013 January 13, 2013 at 3:32 pm

Is all about money. How would AFA raise money unless they had a vulnerable minority to deamonize and spread hate against? AFA has nothing whatsoever to do with morality or religion, they are hypocrites and grifters of the worst kind. How the hell do gays threaten AFA other than repeat their lies back to their face?

Microcosm81 January 15, 2013 at 2:41 am

I'm dealing with animal abuse right now from this Church. They shut the water off to harass my horses that way it would indirectly harass me. A teacher from Hosanna Christian Church who lived where I board my horses was harassing me for years. Finally, I had no other choice but to sue him and the Church. At the same time, which I didn't know, he lost his teaching job and had to move. Now, the other sick psychopath pastors are harassing me. They are doing the kind of things where you know they are doing it. They know they are doing it. And, they know you know they are doing it. But, there isn't any evidence. Just where they want you: to look like a liar.

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