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American Family Association Links Gays To Hurricane Isaac Destruction

by David Badash on August 31, 2012

in News,Religion

Post image for American Family Association Links Gays To Hurricane Isaac Destruction

Buster Wilson, general manager of the American Family Association‘s radio network, yesterday on his show strongly linked a famous decades-old New Orleans LGBT festival named “Southern Decadence” to Hurricane Isaac. “I can think of example after example after example after example where the people don’t live right, God will come in sometimes — not always, but sometimes — and literally destroy a place,” Wilson told his audience. Isaac is responsible for at least five deaths in Louisiana and Mississippi.

“New Orleans like many places in America certainly has more than her share of ‘decadence.’ You could say, ‘Well what about San Francisco? There are never any hurricanes or typhoons there?’ Well, they just have some of the most devastating earthquakes in American history there.”

Wilson neglects to mention that there also are many churches in New Orleans and San Francisco. And water. And air.

“I’m not saying that’s exactly why the hurricane comes to New Orleans this week, or why the weather is done its damage there in the past, but I’m saying it does fit a pattern that there is an abundance of in the Scripture,” Wilson continues. “I think it would be time for us as Americans to do best if  we stop wagging our fist in God’s face.”

Wilson via email once told me that he never lets Bryan Fischer say anything on the radio that can’t be proven. You’ll notice how carefully Wilson speaks, accusing — only indirectly — gay people for the destruction that Hurricane Isaac brought.

It’s classic, really. He uses inflection and linking to make his case, let it drop on his listeners’ ears, then moves away, totally unresponsible for anything that comes of it. No doubt, Scripture has a few words about that behavior as well.

Proverbs 6:16-19

Earlier this month, Wilson said that “Big Gay” activists will end up in hell one day.

Of course, we would be negligent to not mention that the American Family Association is a Southern Poverty Law Center certified anti-gay hate group, because we can point to “example after example after example after example” of the organization spreading lies and mistruths about gay people.

Video via Right Wing Watch

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James_M_Martin August 31, 2012 at 9:19 pm

This explains the new movement in evangelical circles to get laws passed that would prohibit teaching in our schools of what is called "critical thinking." Presumably, the faculty of which they speak includes some instruction into the logical fallacies. Knowledge of logical fallacies leads to freethinking and, probably, atheism. The pray away the gay by hurricane cuts a new swath into the field rationality and scientific examination of facts. Who needs facts when one has dogma. Facts may be disputed but dogma cannot, and being gay or lesbian is against Biblical law. Gays and lesbians are to be stoned as abominations unto the Lord. When you ask, who is this Lord guy, you are told God. And in some circles not just God but Jesus and some kind of poltergeist as well. These new prophets are taking their cues from the evangelical mega-church pulpitizer the "Rev." John Hagee. He sends money to Israel because he's ready for the Rupt– er, Rapture. He was photographed with John McCain, who was running for president and wanted to court the evangelicals in Texas. Then McCain freaked when it came to pass that Hagee said Katrina was "God's punishment on New Orleans for hosting a gay pride event" (Southern Decadence, which should be dedicated to the memory of Tennessee Williams). Teaching children about use of critical thinking would necessarily lead them to the logical fallacies and to such as post hoc reasoning by which effects are presumed to have had but one possible cause, and circular reasoning. To illustrate the latter, ask a religionist why they believe in God and the answer is almost always the same. They point to their Bibles and say "it says so and that's enough for me." But then Schiller did say, "Against stupidity, even the angels fight in vain."

CastleRockBear September 1, 2012 at 10:14 am

Actually it was all the EVIL in the AFA that caused Issac! Especially Brian Fischer's MOUTH! That much "windbag activism" certainly makes a disturbance in the atmosphere!! LOL….On that note…watching the video, I came to one conclusion…Buster Wilson looks like he had one hell of a night making love to what ever bottle he is married to! Seriously, he looks like a serious alcoholic!

lepidopteryx September 1, 2012 at 2:55 pm

I thought that it was all that hot air coming from Wilson, Fisher, et al hitting cool air masses, creating low pressure pockets and causing hurricanes.

InvokeRights September 3, 2012 at 4:07 am

You get +1000 internets for that comment. But wait! You'll cause another hurricane because your thinking in a LOGICAL and SCIENTIFIC manner! Oh noes!

Yeah, so why are groups like the AFA allowed to be around? I mean, does the government allow them around to keep us entertained by their lack of intelligence?

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