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American Family Association: Churches Supporting Gays Caused Colorado Massacre

by David Badash on July 21, 2012

in Bigotry Watch,News,Religion

Post image for American Family Association: Churches Supporting Gays Caused Colorado Massacre

Fred Jackson, the news director for the American Family Association (AFA), yesterday blamed the Colorado massacre that took twelve lives and wounded another 58 people on mainline Churches supporting gay people. Jackson, who echoed sentiments of the AFA’s Bryan Fischer by blaming the ACLU, also blamed liberals — liberal churches and liberal media — along with movies and the Internet, and an overall lack of the fear of God, for the tragic shooting.

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Jackson spoke on AFA Radio’s AFA Today, and his guest, Jerry Newcombe of Truth in Action Ministries, falsely stated the Bible was the chief textbook in the American education system for 200 years and gave birth to education for the masses. Jackson’s co-host, Teddy James, also of the AFA,, said, “God will not be silent when he’s mocked, and we need to remember that.”

The American Family Association is a certified anti-gay hate group.

Right Wing Watch created this transcription, below. You can visit them to listen to the audio.

In the community there were community standards that reflected biblical principles, whether people knew it or not, the standard in the community was based on Scripture. In that short period of time, roughly forty years, we have seen such a transformation in values in our communities, whether it’s rural or whether it’s big city. I have to think that all of this, whether it’s the Hollywood movies, whether it’s what we see on the internets [sic], whether it’s liberal bias in the media, whether it’s our politicians changing public policy, I think all of those somehow have fit together—and I have to say also churches who are leaving the authority of Scripture and losing their fear of God—all of those things have seem to have come together to give us these kinds of incidents.

I think the sources of this is [sic] multifaceted but you can put it all I think under the heading of rebellion to God, a rejection of the God of the Bible. I think along with an education system that has produced our lawyers, our politicians, more teachers, more professors, all of that sort of thing, is our churches, mainline churches. We’ve been dealing Teddy and I know the AFA Journal has been dealing with denominations that no longer believe in the God of the Bible, they no longer believe that Jesus is the only way of salvation, they teach that God is OK with homosexuality, this is just increasing more and more. It is mankind shaking its fist at the authority of God.

We are seeing his judgment. You know, some people talk about ‘God’s judgment must be just around the corner,’ we are seeing it.

Earlier this year, Newcombe appeared in “Truth that Transforms,” a  film that portrays heterosexual, righteous, “moral” Christians as the Titanic, and homosexuality, aka the “radical homosexual agenda,” as the iceberg.

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fuckyouafa July 21, 2012 at 7:55 pm

You ignorant fucking bastards! I want you all to go die in a fire.

CastleRockBear July 22, 2012 at 10:33 am

The AFA has proven themselves to be the height of insanity, yet again! I can not believe the insensitivity and the ideological rhetoric! If they only realized that their hateful talk is just as damaging as the shooter in this tragedy! Putting sense into their heads seems to be something that they refuse to comprehend! That is stupidity! That is HATE! The AFA is no better than James Holmes, and should in all honesty be treated the same!

StanleyJames July 24, 2012 at 1:54 am

lets rename the AFA – the SS.

And remember that the ultimate goal of their hate is using the old truism – a fool and htier money are soon parted.

and the money feeds more hate. The ghost of AH from Germany would be proud of these people. I really wonder if people know that it wasnt just 6 million jews to the death camps – it was all the gays the SS could find., half a million gypsies, hundreds of thousands of soviet prisoners etc.

I'm serious – if I didnt have a family, I'd leave this country for one of the scandanavian states. These AFA types are also the same whose forbears gave us slavery as per the bible and justified bans on blacks and inter-racila marriage to "protect the sanctty of the white race

StanleyJames July 24, 2012 at 1:55 am

And i might toss out another of their kind – Anders Breivik.. all evangelical extreamist faux xtians.

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