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Allen West, After Losing Re-Election, Now Is Concerned About Florida Voting Standards

by David Badash on November 8, 2012

in News,Politics

Tea Party Republican Rep. Allen West lost his re-election bid to Democrat Patrick Murphy, so now, all of a sudden, he is concerned about having “a fair electoral process for the constituents of congressional District 18.”

West has refused to concede, and even though the margin he lost by falls outside of the parameters that would trigger an automatic recount, West is demanding a costly hand count, paid for by Florida tax payers, including an impounding of all election materials, voting machines, and ballots — also costly, also paid for by Florida taxpayers.

West was dead silent throughout the year as Florida Republican Governor and possible criminal Rick Scott spent months twisting Florida’s already warped elections systems, willy-nilly purging voters and slashing early voting times.

READ: Florida: Allen West Loses But Won’t Concede. Presidential Count Not Finished.

As America watched in horror the news footage of Florida residents standing lines for up to eight hours to “early vote,” over the past week, Governor Rick Scott and Secretary of State Ken Detzner were rushing to do nothing. In fact, Detzner told the press on election day that the elections process is “just about right.” Last year. Governor Rick Scott signed into law a bill that cut early voting almost in half.

And then, despite Florida elections laws and the Voting Rights Act, Governor Scott began purging voters from the rolls, a possible illegal act.

Big surprise: Of the thousands of voters Governor Scott purged or attempted to purge from the rolls, 87% were minorities, and 57% were Hispanic.

Where was Congressman Allen West then?

Did the man Florida voters elected to represent them in the U.S. House of Representatives utter a word? No.

A look through Congressman West’s House website shows press releases including:

West Statement on the Anniversary of the Signing of the Constitution

Congressman West Condemns the Attack on the Sovereign Soil of our Nation

Another Disappointing Month by a Disappointing President’s Failed Polices

West Statement on President Obama’s Affront to the American Military

West Statement on July Jobs Report

Stop the Tax Hike!

Not a word about the intentional disenfranchisement of his constituents.

Not a word about the possibly illegal and partisan practices Governor Scott and his administration waged against the citizens of Florida.

Not a word during the early voting process about how his constituents were standing on lines for hours upon hours, by the hundreds, all over the state.

West did make time, as he so often does, to appear on Fox News‘ Fox & Friends to say:

“I think that you’re starting to see some nefarious actions already coming from the other side, because there’s been an incredible turnout from Republicans voters on the early voting down here in Florida.”

The Huffington Post reported:

As an example of supposed “shenanigans,” West pointed to a move by Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher to allow voters to cast absentee ballots in person as a way to work around Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s decision not to extend early voting.

But now that Congressman Allen West has lost his bid to retain his seat — after only one term — now he’s outraged with Florida’s electoral system.

This very well may be one of the few times the anti-government Allen West isn’t drawing a check paid for by your tax dollars.

Good luck in your new career, Mr. West.



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