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Post image for AIDS Is ‘Suffering Of Sin’ Says Liberty Counsel Leader On World AIDS Day

AIDS Is ‘Suffering Of Sin’ Says Liberty Counsel Leader On World AIDS Day

by David Badash on December 3, 2012

in Bigotry Watch,News,Religion

Matt Barber on Saturday, World AIDS Day, claimed that AIDS is the “suffering of sin” for LGBT people, and posted a link to an iconic 1990 Time Magazine photo (excerpt, above), titled, “David Kirby on his deathbed, Ohio, 1990.”

Barber actually sent the same tweet out twice, the first one just five minutes into World AIDS Day.


Barber tweeted, “Moving photo that captures the suffering of sin & the pain of a father. A metaphor of God’s love for ‘gays’.”

Barber is the Director of Cultural Affairs with Liberty Counsel – a radical right wing religious group that tries to be the ACLU for the anti-gay Christian right – and an Associate Dean with Liberty University School of Law — both very closely related to the infamous Jerry Falwell.

Calling the tweet “Barbaric insensitivity,” Jeremy Hooper at Good As You writes:

“Take that, countless many heterosexuals of Earth who have lost your lives to Pandora’s cruel box. Your family portraits were also mere metaphors for God’s judgement of gays.”

Barber also took time on World AIDS Day to make these attacks:





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Barber: Gays Want To Use Gay Marriage As Weapon Against Religious Free Speech

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James_M_Martin December 3, 2012 at 10:21 pm

I wonder, if I contracted HIV, would these experts in morality claim my sins did me in. Is that anything like Flip Wilson, the drag TV comedian who used to say, "The Devil made me wear that dress!" To posit that being homosexual is a "sin" is to ask, Who says so? And if some of us do not believe in sin (because we do not believe) how can we then contract HIV in punishment? It does not take an Oxford philosopher to spot the post hoc nature of the supposition. What fools these moralists be. There is no god but Man.

Diogenes_Arktos December 5, 2012 at 12:11 am

It always amuses me that people like him ignore the heterosexual transmission of AIDS or the nonsexual IV drug users. It pains me greatly that he sees (LGBT?) sin in the wholly innocent AIDS babies.

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