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A New Facebook Game Lets You Beat A Gay Man With A Stool

by Jean Ann Esselink on June 3, 2013

in Bigotry Watch,Hate Groups,Jean Ann Esselink,News

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Last month, dozens of Orthodox priests in Tbilisi led thousands of rioters in an attack on a gay rights protests. Now there’s a Facebook game where you can be the priest swinging a stool at a gay man. The game’s creator says it’s not anti-gay. Foreigners just don’t understand.

On May 17th, International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, a dozen Orthodox priests led thousands of rioters through the streets of Tbilisi, in the Russian Province of Georgia, looking for gay men to “sacrifice in the name of the lord.”  The crowd, many of whom came from other cities at the invitation of the clergy, began by throwing rocks and eggs at about 50 gay rights proponents who were attempting to hold a civil rights demonstration. The crowd broke through the police cordon when the police refused to take action against the “holy men” who led them, attacking with whatever was at hand. One of the inciting priests can be seen in the beginning of this video of the protest brandishing a stool, looking for a gay to batter with it.

“We are trying to protect our orthodoxy, not to let anyone to wipe their feet on our faith,” said a women in the crowd dressed in a long skirt and head scarf.  “We must not allow them to have a gay demonstration here.”

Police herded the gay-rights advocates on yellow school buses for their own protection, but the crowd broke through and attacked the buses. A lawyer for one of the gay advocacy groups who was with the marchers said if they hadn’t been close to the buses when the riot broke out, they “would have been corpses.”

Watch the video as the gay rights marchers narrowly escape the sea of rioters who surround the buses police have put them in for their own safety.

Twelve people were hospitalized, including 3 police officers and 9 gay rights marchers.

If you missed your chance to attend the Tbilisi riot, now you too can swing a stool at a pesky gay. Some enterprising (yet shockingly insensitive) Georgian gamer has turned that riot into a Facebook game called the Call of “Taburetka.” (Taburetka means stool.) That’s right, the game is named after the stool one the roving priest was using as his weapon of convenience.

Gay groups are not amused, and are asking Facebook to take it down, but the game’s creator says it is not gay bashing, it’s funny.

“Dear friends, “this game it not anti-gay. It just describes what happened on May 17.” he wrote on his Facebook page.

History or not, watching a priest hit a gay man with a stool seems in very poor taste. We will be watching to see if Facebook agrees.

tncrmJean Ann Esselink is a straight friend to the gay community. Proud and loud Liberal. Closet writer of political fiction. Black sheep agnostic Democrat from a conservative Catholic family. Living in Northern Oakland County Michigan with Puck the Wonder Beagle.

Follow me on Twitter as @Uncucumbered or friend me on Facebook.

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MiddleGrounds June 3, 2013 at 3:00 pm

“We are trying to protect our orthodoxy, not to let anyone to wipe their feet on our faith,”
“We must not allow them to have a gay demonstration here.”

And we will not allow you to wipe your feet on our rights you bigot! You are so closed minded, it makes me question your faith! Oh wait, no it doesn't, you've demonstrated the vitrol and hate that spews forth from it now!

dauphinjo June 3, 2013 at 4:04 pm

"We are trying to protect (our heterosexual misogyny), not to let anyone (be treated with dignity). We must not allow (gays to exist).

Just my interpretation.

robgmartin June 3, 2013 at 8:38 pm

I have been having a calm discussion with the creator on the games FB page (i.e. not being all "Damn the Torpedo's!!! Full Speed Ahead!!" but a more reasoned conversation telling him that while, in the country of Georgia, it may be considered satire, here in the West that perception can be QUITE different. I made it clear that the perception is that the game promotes violence and is really NOT FUNNY, even for satire. I also informed him that Facebook is a worldwide phenomenon so he should expect to face pushback for the perceptions that his game entails. We came to an agreement that our perceptions of the game (i.e. he sees it as satire, I see it is a promoting violence on LGBT people) are different but I informed him that, in my opinion, his page AND the game would remain reported and that I would not withdraw my comments.

WPaulCarter June 4, 2013 at 2:06 am

Mr. Zuckerberg,

I'm writing to you about the facebook app Taburetka where users play an orthodox priest seeking gay men to beat with a stool. The games creator has suggested that the game is not homophobic, but rather demonstrative of a moment in recent history. I ask you, would it be appropriate, and acceptable to develop a facebook app called Rope where a gang of White Separatists sought a black man to lynch? Is this not simply demonstrative of a moment in recent history? To the same token, one might develop a Tetris like game called Gas where the player, as a Nazi Soldier, attempted to fit as many Jews as possible into an extermination chamber. Is it not all in good fun?

A lawyer for one of the gay advocacy groups that was attacked said that had the demonstrators not been near the buses they were hurried on to when the rioters broke police lines they "would have been corpses". Is Taburetka all in good fun and only demonstrative of a moment in recent history because twelve gay men were hospitalized and not killed? What if there was an app for stoning gay men, perhaps necklacing, the practice of placing a tier filled with gasoline around the neck and setting it ablaze? Both of these are punishments my queer brothers and sisters in the developing world face on a daily basis.

I don't want an invitation to join a friend on facebook in a game, lynching black men, or Gassing Jews. I would be ashamed of my friend for playing and of this site for hosting the app. As it stands I am ashamed of this site for hosting a game based on the near tragedy and affront to human dignity that took place in Tbilisi. I hope you'll take action against hatred and violence.

Thank you,
W.Paul Carter

uncucumbered June 5, 2013 at 9:08 pm

It appears the game has been taken down. Good job!

robgmartin June 5, 2013 at 10:17 pm

Jean Ann, to be completey clear it looks like the app itself was disabled by the creator and NOT by Facebook :… It seems the controversy surrounding the game and the fact that it went viral worldwide caused the creator to reconsider. As I stated earlier I had a somewhat productive conversation with the creator in the process telling him that, while it may have been considered parody in Georgia (how I STILL fail to understand BUT I am not Eastern European either), that when he published it on Facebook he was publishing on a worldwide stage and people here in the U.S. and Western Europe might not see it the same way. It also seems that he intended the game to only be seen by Georgians (that is what I can get from EXTREMELY rough translations of the posts in Georgian he has made on the "Call of Taburetka Game" page.

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