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  • 'So You Think You Can Dance' Finally Does Romantic Same-Sex Dance

    After eleven seasons, Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance" finally did a romantic same-sex dance last week. It was beautiful.

    Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance," after eleven seasons on the air in the U.S., last week just got around to a dance performance celebrating same-sex couples.

    Emmy nominated Travis Wall choreographed a beautiful number, incorporating final four dancers Valerie Rockey, Ricky Ubeda, Jessica Richens, and Zack Everhart Jr., and set to "Wind Beneath My Wings" by RyanDan.

    All the dancers wore white, reinforcing the marriage message. Wall posted a photo to his Instagram account later, with the message, "#equality."

    Huffington Post noted that the "chemistry's been pretty heterosexual" until now. Buzzfeed called it "A Long Overdue Work Of Art."





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    • commented 2014-09-02 18:49:02 -0400
      This warms my heart. The dancing is outstanding. I hope the haters realize it is not a sexual act.

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