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Jesse Tyler Ferguson: I Will Gladly Show ‘Fans’ Who Don’t Support Marriage Equality The Door

by David Badash on November 5, 2012

in Celebrities,Marriage,News,Politics

Post image for Jesse Tyler Ferguson: I Will Gladly Show ‘Fans’ Who Don’t Support Marriage Equality The Door

Jesse Tyler Ferguson has announced he is willing to gladly show fans who don’t support marriage equality the door. Ferguson, the star of “Modern Family” and an outspoken activist for LGBT equality, recently announced he and his partner, Justin Mikita, are engaged.

But on Facebook early today, Ferguson had a few strong words for his fans who only support him half way:

As an actor I have learned that I have to develop a thick skin but as a HUMAN I am having a harder time. The amount of vitriol I have received in the past few days over my stance on marriage equality could kill an adult horse! The majority of my fans have been amazing & supportive. But I am in shock and ashamed of many of my “fans” who are standing firm in their stance that I am “less than” them because of my sexual orientation. To those who feel this way: I gladly show you the door and wish you well on your journey.

Mikita and Ferguson have just started a new foundation, Tie The Knot, in association with The Tie Bar, which “will release stylish collections of neckwear seasonally to benefit U.S. Organizations fighting on behalf of LGBT civil rights.”

Taking a quick look at Ferguson’s Facebook page, there seems few comments that were anything but supportive, so perhaps he’s getting a little bit too much hate mail?

Considering all the smiles, joy, and happiness Ferguson and his fellow cast members bring America, how could anyone take the time to write him hate mail.


Perhaps we can show Ferguson and his fiancé our support? Head over to Tie The Knot and sign up, or to his Facebook page (which could use a few more “likes”!)

 Hat tip: Towleroad

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