Trump Now Claims He Didn’t Say ‘Shithole Countries’


Trump Tries to Walk Back Racist Remarks

Fifteen hours, a White House statement not denying his comments, no denial from GOP lawmakers in the room, and 11 tweets by President Trump have passed since The Washington Post first reported Trump called Haiti and African nations "shithole countries." The president of the United States now claims he did make that racist remark.

The Washington Post report was independently verified by NBC News, CNN, and the Associated Press.

Trump also tried to change the focus of American outrage to Democratic lawmakers, which is nonsensical.

But in those 15 hours, the nation has become enraged, and people around the world have become enraged. 

MSNBC's Yamiche Alcindor‏ reports the Haitian government is furious:

The White House had been quick to issue a statement on Trump's remarks inside the Oval Office, and at no point denied he made those remarks. CNN reported that White House staffers were actually pleased that he had, saying it would play well to his base.


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