CNN: White House Official Says Trump Took ‘Victory Lap’ After Making ‘Shithole’ Comments


Trump Called Friends Asking How His 'Shithole' Comments Were Playing in the Media

CNN has just reported that President Donald Trump was thrilled Thursday night after news of his offensive and racist "shithole countries" remarks were reported in the media.

"President Trump spent his Thursday night phoning aides, allies and friends, asking them how they thought the 'shithole' remark was playing out in the press," CNN's Kaitlan Collins reports.

"One White House official referred to this as a 'victory lap,'" CNN adds.

Trump on Thursday in the Oval Office called Haiti and African nations "shithole countries," decried allowing immigrants from those countries into the U.S., saying America needs more people from Norway. He also said of immigrants from Haiti, "take them out," meaning, take them out of the immigration bill.

After international outrage, Trump sought to backpedal his remarks, first claiming on Twitter 15 hours after The Washington Post broke the news that he didn't use the term "shithole countries," and later tweeting that Haiti was not included in his list of "shithole countries."

Friday morning Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, who was in the Oval Office with President Trump and at least six GOP lawmakers, became the first and only lawmaker to denounce Trump's remarks. He also verified that Trump made those remarks, "repeatedly."

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