Glass Wall of Oklahoma LGBT Equality Organization Shot at, Shattered


We Will 'Continue to March Forward' Group Says

A reinforced glass wall and surrounding windows of an LGBT equality organization were shot at and shattered over the weekend. Freedom Oklahoma says their cleaning crew arrived Sunday to find the attack.

"When the cleaning crew arrived on Sunday morning they discovered bullet holes from a [s]mall caliber weapon riddled across the glass wall which serves at the entrance to Freedom Oklahoma's office," the group wrote on Facebook.

"The damage to one panel of glass being so severe that it shattered all over the entry way. This was shocking as the wall is made of reenforced glass designed to serve as the exterior wall of the building. Four other panels were damaged in the incident, with bullet holes still visible," the Facebook post reads.

"This is only the latest in a string of attacks on LGBTQ organizations around the nation, and just as our colleagues did, we will clean up and continue to march forward," Freedom Oklahoma's executive director, Troy Stevenson, said in the post. 

"Freedom Oklahoma serves a vital function as Oklahoma's advocates for the queer community, and we will not be intimidated by cowardly acts of violence aimed at invoking terror in our community. We will continue to fulfill our mission, and we will not be deterred in our fight for freedom, equality, and equity for all Oklahomans. We will continue to act with vigilance and without fear."

No one was in the office at the time of the shooting and the group is working with local law enforcement officers. 

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