Steve Bannon Explains Why On-Camera Press Briefings Have All but Ended: ‘Sean Got Fatter’


Spicer Is Getting Promoted?

"Sean got fatter."

That is literally the explanation White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon gave to The Atlantic when asked why the Press Secretary has all but ceased holding on-camera press briefings.

On Monday, White House reporters expressed frustration that for a week there had been no on-camera press briefings from this White House, a dramatic hunkering down by the administration and near-exile of the free press. CNN Senior White House Correspondent on-air said in response to Monday's off-camera "gaggle," that the Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, is basically "useless" at this point.

And despite rumors from literally day one that Spicer is not well-liked by the President, and he certainly has little credibility among the press corps, Politico and others Monday reported Spicer is actively interviewing candidates to replace him, as he will be getting promoted to a more senior strategy role.

But back to Bannon's remarks. They epitomize the former Breitbart publisher's view of the press (not to mention, people who get "fatter.")

The media made clear Tuesday, in response to there being no scheduled daily press briefing at all today, their outrage. That tactic apparently worked, as Spicer will hold an on-camera briefing this afternoon, the first in over a week.

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Former Senior Advisor to President Obama Dan Pfeiffer posted this tweet in response:


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