WATCH LIVE: Democrats Hold the Floor to Stop Republican ‘Health Care’ Bill From Moving Forward


Democrats Working to Protect 23 Million Americans From Losing Health Care, Millions More From Losing Key Protections

Right now Senate Democrats are working to hold up Trumpcare, the American Health Care Act, that supposedly would repeal and "replace" ObamaCare. Democrats are demanding  Republicans post the text of the bill – which few Republicans and no Democrats have seen – online, give the American people 30 days to read and review it, and doing everything else they can to block forward movement of the legislation.

The House bill would throw 23 million people off their health care, and would reduce protections for all Americans, especially those with pre-existing conditions.

Literally lobbyists will be able to see the bill before the American people can.

Republicans insist the bill will receive a vote next week. As the House bill has already passed, passage of the Senate bill will make repeal of ObamaCare a done deal, even though just 17 percent of Americans approve of it.

The bill in actuality delivers massive tax cuts to America's wealthiest.

Watch the video live at the top. 

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