Morning Briefing: 5 Things for Tuesday – Today’s Georgia Special Election Could Determine Future of Health Care


Here's What You Need to Start Your Day

Good Tuesday morning!

Here are five things you need to know for today:

  • Today is the day: The Georgia special election for the congressional seat vacated by Tom Price, now Trump's HHS Secretary. If Republican Karen Handel wins, it will be seen as a referendum in support of Trump's policies. But if Democrat Jon Ossoff wins, it will be seen as total repudiation of Trump, especially his health care "plan," which is a massive tax cut for the rich. Literally, the future of your health care and mine is at stake. If Ossoff wins it will send a strong message to Republicans. And if you think it won't affect you because you have an employer plan, think again:
  • Typical Fox & Friends "journalism":
  • Latest poll shows Ossoff and Handel 0.1% away from each other – in other words, tied:
  • Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) isn't kidding. This is the plan:
  • How bad is Trump doing? This bad:

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