Donald Trump Jr. Among First to Politicize Shooting


Attacks 'NY Elites' 

Despite promising to stay away from politics so he could run his father's businesses, Donald Trump Jr. has done anything but. The President's eldest son nearly daily, like his father, takes to Twitter to attack liberals and Democrats.

Wednesday was no different.

The early morning shooting of a Republican Congressman, along with a congressional aide, a lobbyist, and two Capitol Hill police officers at a practice for a bipartisan charity baseball game, was the act of an insane madman. It is exceptionally fortunate all are fully expected to survive. 

But Donald Trump, Jr. saw it as an opportunity to give voice to his unbridled hatred of those on the left, the half of the country for which his father is also president – a fact they both have yet to grasp.

Less than two hours after the first shot rang out at the Alexandria, Virginia baseball field, a little-known right-wing pundit posted this inane tweet:

Twelve minutes later, Donald Trump, Jr. echoed that sentiment, retweeting it and commenting, "this."

The Washington Post's Herman Wong reported on Trump's tweet, noting famous New York Times White House reporter Glenn Thrush had highlighted the President's son's tweet:

"Though television personality Harlan Z. Hill didn’t point to specific examples, within the last month two artistic works have drawn criticism for imagined violence against Trump," Wong wrote. "In May, comedian Kathy Griffin apologized for a photo where she held a mask of a bloody, severed Trump head after a major backlash where CNN cut ties with her. More recently, a production of Shakespeare’s 'Julius Caesar' depicted a Trump-like figure who was assassinated."

Trump Jr. had already (and ignorantly) previously attacked the "Julius Caesar" production:


The irony of the millionaire son of a New York City billionaire real estate magnate who is now president attacking "NY elites" cannot be understated. It should also be noted anyone who claims the "Julius Caesar" production is "glorifying the assassination of our President" should probably see it first, learn a bit about its history – and read the play before speaking and embarrassing themselves.

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