‘I Do Not Support a Livable Wage’: Watch Karen Handel Throw Her Congressional Race Against Jon Ossoff Off a Cliff


Yes, She Really Just Said This

Karen Handel is running against Jon Ossoff in a special Georgia election to fill a U.S. House of Representatives seat opened when President Donald Trump nominated Rep. Tom Price to be Secretary of Health and Human Services. Handel previously ran to become Georgia's governor and lost, but she perhaps is best known as he woman who almost single handedly ruined the reputation of breast cancer nonprofit Komen for the Cure, when she tried to defund its support of Planned Parenthood.

Tuesday night Handel, formerly Georgia's Secretary of State, sowed the seeds of yet another loss.

During a simple debate on the minimum wage, Ossoff, a political newcomer, elegantly and strongly defended the need for a livable wage. 

When it was Handel's turn, she began by stating that the issue was a defining one, a "fundamental difference," between liberals and conservatives.

"I do not support a livable wage," Handel told Georgia voters. She did not stop or correct herself, she plowed right through, tossing her congressional race chances off a cliff. Handel warned a "livable wage" could harm small businesses, saying they create good paying jobs.

"What I support is making sure that we have an economy that is robust with low taxes and less regulation," Handel insisted.


The Ossoff campaign did not wait long to capitalize on Handel's remarks.

The election is June 20, but early voting has already begun.

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