Twitter Hilariously Mocks Trump Lawyer Letter Claiming No Russian Income ‘With a Few Exceptions’


'Trump Won the Popular Vote, #Withfewexceptions'

As promised, President Donald Trump has hired an attorney who has sent "a certified letter" to Senator Lindsey Graham assuring the South Carolina Republican that the billionaire real estate magnate does not have "any income of any type from Russian sources," according to his tax returns. No income, the letter states, "with a few exceptions."

Trump and his team have repeatedly been pushing the idea that a "certified letter" somehow means more than, say, one sent with just a postage stamp, or other means. It doesn't. It just means the sender gets a receipt. And of course, the letter, which is meaningless, also doesn't clear Trump or his team of collusion with the Russian government.

Meanwhile, many on Twitter couldn't help but mock the disclaimer, "with a few exceptions," which sounds like it leaves the door wide open for, well, a lot. Right now, #withfewexceptions is the top trending item on Twitter. Take a look: