Trump Attempt to Install Joe Lieberman as FBI Director Seems to Stall as White House Nixes ‘Very Soon’ Announcement


Bad Choice. Period.

The Trump White House appears to have leaked the president's stunningly inappropriate choice to head the FBI: an attorney at a law firm whose founding partner represents, you guessed it, Donald Trump. That reason alone should be disqualifying, but there are more. The attorney in question is former Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman. 

That's actually former Democrat forced to turn independent to keep his Senate seat after Connecticut Democrats grew unhappy with the pro-Iraq War war hawk Joe Lieberman. After Lieberman became an independent, he traveled the country to support his candidate in the 2008 presidential race: Not Democrat Barack Obama, but Republican John McCain. 

President Trump admitted he thought his firing of FBI Director James Comey would be positively viewed by both sides. We're learning that Trump is wildly out of touch with Americans – not to mention, ethical standards – as it touched off a firestorm that led to the appointment of a special counsel to investigate his White House and Russia.

Thursday, after having leaked that Lieberman had become Trump's top pick for FBI Director, President Trump told reporters that he is "very close" to naming Comey's replacement, and he would do so "very soon." And he confirmed it could be Joe Lieberman.

That likely meant Friday, as he's beginning his first overseas trip later today.

Now, the White House has pulled back that announcement, likely after seeing the incredible anger among Democrats who virulently oppose Lieberman – as they should.

NBC News' Hans Nichols reports there will be no new FBI Director named today.

"Lieberman lacks the conventional qualifications for an FBI director, never having served as a law enforcement agent or federal prosecutor," Vox reports, echoing several Democrats who have voiced similar concerns. "He lacks the kind of administrative experience that one normally looks for in an agency chief. At the age of 75, he’s also very much on the old side for a 10-year appointment. But “Trump bonded with Lieberman” at their meeting on Wednesday, according to Politico, and though personal rapport between the president and the FBI director has not traditionally been considered necessary or even desirable, Trump enjoys breaking with tradition."

Lieberman should be a no, period.

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Image by The Bush Center via Flickr and a CC license