Mike Pence Is Promoting a Chilling Trump Campaign Fundraising Video on Facebook


'What you're seeing on TV is SABOTAGE'

The video above was posted Thursday to Vice President Mike Pence's official verified Facebook page, and it's chilling and disturbing.

As the video begins, strong music is played, and an image of President Donald Trump standing at a podium is shown. 

"A message from President Trump," the graphic reads.

"What you're seeing on TV is SABOTAGE," the scroll says. 

"You read that right. It's SABOTAGE. The Fake News Media is working hand-in-hand with Washington's corrupt bureaucracy to try to slow and block our America First Agenda," the video graphic reads. "The special interests know they can only win when you, the American people, lose."

"But we're fighting to break the special interest stranglehold around our country that has silenced our citizens, stripped our nation of its wealth, and bled America dry."

"It's now an all-out fight to save the great American grassroots movement that sent shockwaves around the world on November 8."

"With so many forces out to ruin us, we are turning to you and our most trusted supporters at this critical moment to join me in the trenches to FIGHT BACK. CONTRIBUTE TO DRAIN THE SWAMP." 

Designed as a fundraising vehicle, it's also being promoted as a sponsored post, as Mother Jones' David Corn noted Friday on Twitter:

NBC News' Micah Grimes notes it's also on Trump's Facebook page:

What the video actually is is paranoid fear-inducing totalitarian propaganda at its "best."

It is chilling. 

Also chilling is the fact that even though he's (likely) under federal investigation, Trump and his team are actively fundraising and campaigning as his presidency is in deep peril. And he's using those funds to spread his hate-filled delusional message that attacks the very institutions this country relies on to keep his power in check: the media and the federal "bureaucracy."

This is dangerous, and an act of desperation.

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