REPORTS: O’Reilly to Walk Away With Up to $25 Million Severance Package


At Least 7 Women Made Accusations of Sexual Harassment

Bill O'Reilly and Fox News have split after more than 20 years, and now reports say the former host of the nation's number one cable news show will walk away with a severance package of up to $25 million, approximately one-year's salary. Allegations of sexual harassment and advertisers fleeing were too much for Fox News' Murdoch family.

Citing "a person familiar with the matter," CNBC reports O'Reilly's "amended contract suggests that the ousted Fox News anchor will receive a maximum of one-year's salary." Fox News signed a new contract with O'Reilly recently, and reports have said they did so aware the New York Times story would break soon. 

NBC journalist Anne Thompson on MSNBC just reported O'Reilly's contract was for four years at $25 million per year.

Financial Times global media editor Matthew Garrahan also reports "Bill O'Reilly will get a payoff of $25m - no more than a year's salary."

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