WATCH: FBI Director Under Oath Just Fact-Checked Trump’s New Tweet About FBI Director’s Statement


'In Front of Me Right Here I've Got a Tweet From the President'

Politicians are used to getting fact-chercked, usually days after they've made questionable remarks, and usually by journalists, but this may be the first time a politician has been fact-checked by the FBI in (almost) real time. 

About an hour ago President Donald Trump tweeted a lie, and he made the assertion on the official White House @POTUS account, which is stunningly disrespectful to the Office of the President.

Trump falsely claimed that FBI Director James Comey and National Security Director Mike Rogers told Congress "that Russia did not influence electoral process."

That's not what they said. They were asked if Russia was able to "change vote tallies," which they said it was not.

Trump lied.

Brilliantly, Rep. Jim Himes, Democrat of Connecticut, about an hour after President Trump lied on Twitter, read Trump's tweet to both Comey and Rogers and asked them if it were accurate. Startled and stunned, they made certain to indicate it is not.

"It certainly wasn't our intention to say that today, because we don't have any information on that subject," Director Comey said. 

Watch, and watch the reactions on their faces:

Here are two versions, the first shows Rep. Himes, the second is a better focus on their reactions:

Some responses via Twitter:

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