‘What Does He Mean When He Says Words?’: John Oliver Takes on Donald Trump and His Lies – And Does America a Huge Favor


The Truth 'Isn't Like Peter Pan, Where Believing in Faeries Will Keep Tinker Bell Alive'

In his season premiere of HBO's "Last Week Tonight" on Sunday, John Oliver took on Donald Trump and his lies, concluding —  frighteningly — Trump believes what people tell him, what he reads in fake news outlets like Breitbart, and if enough people believe something, Trump thinks it must be true. 

Oliver played a clip of one journalist talking about Trump who, understandably, posited, "What does it mean when he says words?"

Trump's world, as Oliver documents, is a scary universe in which websites and hucksters like Alex Jones and his InfoWars conspiracy theories are given more credibility than The New York Times or just pure science.

And Oliver notes that even when Trump is presented with facts that debunk his claims, he disregards them. Let's all take a deep breath and remember this man has the nuclear launch codes. Unless he dropped them while discussing classified national security information about North Korea's missile launch while at dinner at Mar-a-Lago's restaurant in full earshot of patrons and waiters.


Fortunately, America has John Oliver, and John Oliver is going to educate Donald Trump.


"Last Week Tonight" will be spending a lot of money to run ads on TV shows and during the times President Trump is known to watch television. Those ads will inform the president about vital issues, like, perhaps, what the nuclear triad is.