‘Free Commercial’: Kellyanne Conway From White House Tells Americans to ‘Go Buy Ivanka’s Stuff’ (Video)


Clear Violation of Trump Promise to Not Use Presidency for Business 

Kellyanne Conway Thursday morning used her position as Counselor to the President to go on "Fox & Friends" and announce she was giving the president's daughter a "free commercial." 

Conway was not on the Fox News set but was speaking from the White House and was identified in the Fox News chyron by her official White House title, as a video from Raw Story confirms.

"Go buy Ivanka’s stuff, is what I would tell you," Conway told viewers. "I hate shopping, and I’m gonna go get some on myself today."

Her remarks comes one day after President Trump attacked a century-old retailer who last week announced it was dropping Ivanka Trump's line of women's clothing and accessories, citing poor sales. The President insisted Nordstrom had treated Ivanka "unfairly," while his press secretary later defended the president's remarks, saying "as a father" he had a right to defend his daughter. Sean Spicer also insisted Nordstrom's decision was political, and a direct attack on the president himself.

President Trump and his surrogate assured the American people and his family would not use the presidency to further his and his family's business interests. This is a clear violation of that promise. But did she violate the law? (See update below.)

On Twitter, many reacted in anger:

Harvard Law grad and Obama Deputy Secretary of Labor Weighs in:


Image: Screenshot via Eric Dolan/Raw Story/YouTube