WATCH: Jeff Sessions Doesn’t Think He Ever Chanted ‘Lock Her Up’ at a Trump Rally


Says at Rallies It Was 'Humorously Done' by Trump Supporters

During his Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing to become the next attorney general Senator Jeff Sessions, the first U.S. Senator to support Donald Trump for president, admitted he couldn't be certain he had never chanted, "Lock her up!" at a Trump rally.

"Lock her up!" was a common refrain from Trump supporters who oppose Hillary Clinton and falsely believe she had committed crimes, which the FBI denies.

"During the course of this boisterous political campaign," Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) asked Senator Sessions, "did you ever chant, 'Lock her up'?"

"No I did not," Sessions responded, firmly at first, then smirking. "I don't think," he continued. "I heard it," Sessions added, snickering, "in rallies and so forth, something I think humorously done," he responded.

Sessions went on to reiterate his remarks from earlier in the hearing, during which he had promised to recuse himself from any investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails.

It's unclear if there is video of Sessions chanting, "Lock her up!" which should automatically disqualify him from becoming the nation's top law enforcement officers, but here's video of Sessions speaking at a Trump rally in August of 2016 and, as the crowd chants, "Lock her up!" he just smiles, enjoying it, rather than explaining why democracies don't jail political opponents:

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