WATCH: In Wild Exchange Trump Refuses to Answer CNN Reporter’s Question, Calls Network ‘Fake News’ After Russian Dossier Story


Reporter Says Trump Press Secretary Threatened He'd Be Throw Out If He Were to Do That Again

After CNN broke a story Tuesday night that Russian intelligence claimed to have compromising information on Donald Trump, and that that information was shared with both President Barack Obama and the president-elect, the soon-to-be Commander in Chief lashed out at a CNN reporter and refused to take his questions.

CNN's Senior White House Correspondent tried to ask Donald Trump a question during Trump's first press conference in nearly six months, and was rebuffed by Trump in a wild exchange:

"Your organization's terrible," Trump told Acosta. "Quiet, quiet," Trump chastised. "She's asking a question – don't be rude," he said, repeatedly, on-air.

"You are fake news," Trump told the stalwart and undeterred reporter.

Acosta concluded by saying, "Mr. President-elect, that's not appropriate."

He also posted this follow-up:

And Huffington Post's Michael Calderone posted this follow up:

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