BREAKING: Trump To Face 1st Lawsuit Over Conflicts Of Interest Monday


Legal Scholars Allege President Is In Violation Of Emoluments Clause

Several prominent attorneys and legal scholars plan to file a lawsuit against President Donald Trump on Monday, alleging that he's running afoul of a constitutional provision barring elected officials from accepting payments from foreign governments. 

The suit will allege that Trump is violating the emoluments clause by taking money from patrons at his hotels and golf courses, as well as through loans from banks, and leases with tenants, controlled by foreign governments, according to The New York Times. 

The lawsuit will ask a federal judge to order Trump to stop taking the payments. It will also seek access to his federal tax returns. 

“The framers of the Constitution were students of history,” said Deepak Gupta, one of the plaintiffs. “And they understood that one way a republic could fail is if foreign powers could corrupt our elected leaders.”

Trump's son, Eric, who serves as executive vice president of the president's company, said of the impending suit: “This is purely harassment for political gain, and, frankly, I find it very, very sad." 

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