Dem Blasts Trump As “Immature, Undignified Reality Star,” Joins Boycott Of Inauguration


3 Times As Many Bus Permits Requested For Women's March

Wisconsin Democratic Congressman Mark Pocan (pictured) on Sunday joined the growing boycott of Donald Trump's inauguration, blasting the president-elect as "an immature, undignified reality star with questionable friends and a Twitter addiction.”

According to CNN, at least 22 House Democrats now plan to skip the inauguration — a figure that has doubled in the wake of Trump's attack Saturday morning on civil rights icon John Lewis. 

Meanwhile, BuzzFeed News reports that three times as many bus permits have been requested for Saturday's Women’s March on Washington than for Friday's inauguration. Only 393 charter bus permits had been requested for the inauguration as of Thursday, compared to 900 a week before Obama's inauguration in 2012. Meanwhile, all 1,200 available bus parking spaces at RFK stadium have been filled for the Women's March. 

Three more performers have also pulled out in recent days, leaving the inauguration with what Daily Kos called a "county fair line-up" of entertainment.  

Nevertheless, Trump declared Saturday night that "Inauguration Day is turning out to be even bigger than expected!"