Franklin Graham: Failure to Repeal HB2 Protects ‘Women and Children From Pedophiles and Sexual Perverts’


Falsely Claims HB2 Upholds 'Safety and Privacy'

North Carolina native Franklin Graham is appreciatively rejoicing over the failure of his home state's lawmakers to repeal an unconstitutional and discriminatory bill, HB2. Graham, who has actively fought to keep HB2 on the books Thursday morning on Facebook gave thanks to "Lt. Governor Dan Forest and legislators for protecting women and children from pedophiles and sexual perverts."

HB2, in fact, does not protect women and children from pedophiles and sexual perverts, although North Carolina and every other state in the union have laws that do just that. 

"They have stood strong and resolute for HB 2 to uphold safety and privacy," Graham, 64, continues. "It should be obvious to everyone—we don’t need men in women’s bathrooms and locker rooms in NC or in any state."

He urged his five million Facebook followers to "Pray for the politicians and legislators fighting this battle for privacy and protection. No matter where you live, let them know in the comments below that you support them."

This is not the first time Graham has used such foul language to describe transgender people. In February, for example, Graham issued a "WARNING" condemning Charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinance, and also labeled trans people as "predators and sexually perverted people," claiming LGBT people don't deserve civil rights.

"LGBT activists are trying to hook their caboose to the 'freedom train' and drag their immoral agenda into our communities by claiming that this is a civil rights issue," the Evangelical Christian activist wrote. "Civil rights issues are very real and important—but don’t be fooled, this isn’t one of them. I heard one African-American minister say recently that 'the freedom train doesn’t stop at Sodom and Gomorrah.'" 


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