Trump Unleashes Another Unhinged Rant on Twitter: ‘I Won the Popular Vote’ Because Millions ‘Voted Illegally’


Nervous President-Elect Is Fighting Against Jill Stein's Recount

An increasingly unhinged Donald Trump, appearing to be growing more and more nervous by the minute about the recount of Wisconsin and possibly other states, has now spent the past 24 hours or so on Twitter attacking both Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein, and calling the Green Party-funded investigation into possible voting abnormalities "ridiculous" and a "scam."

Minutes ago the president-elect launched into yet another tweetstorm, by extension attacking possibly hundreds of election officials and even Republican Governors and Secretaries of State, claiming that "millions" of people voted "illegally" – and apparently, all of them voted for Hillary Clinton.

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Trump, who won the Electoral College vote but is currently losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by well over 2.2 million votes, with many more ballots, especially in California yet to be counted, actually claimed that he won the popular vote too:

That of course is a bald-faced lie, a lie so divisive and so disingenuous – not to mention damaging to our nation's institutions – it boggles the mind. 

No, he did not win the Electoral College vote in a "landslide," and no, he did not win the popular vote, and no, there were not "millions of people who voted illegally." Period.

Trump of course has zero proof that millions of people voted illegally, but, if it were true, why wouldn't he support the recounts? Wouldn't he want to prove his assertions correct? Wouldn't he want a full investigation? Wouldn't he want to show people just how "popular" he is?

Curious too, as an aside, that Trump admits he only campaigned in 15 states, but that is the least of the issues at hand.

We now have an incoming and soon-to-be commander-in-chief who is literally – and fraudulently – claiming millions of people voted illegally.

What should we expect him to do about this?

Just how safe are our state-run elections from this fascistic paranoid soon-to-be leader of the free world?