Vacationing Lesbian Couple Arrested and Jailed for Kissing Win $80,000 Settlement


Women Were Forced to Stay in Honolulu for Six Months During Trial

Last year, vacationing Los Angeles couple Courtney Wilson and Taylor Guerrero were arrested and jailed by an off-duty Honolulu police officer, accused of kissing and "lewd" behavior. The couple say the merely gave each other a kiss on the cheek, but the officer, Bobby Harrison, detained them in a supermarket and had employees hold them down after he threatened to kick them out of the store for trespassing. They were later taken into the basement, their hands tied with zip ties, according to KHON2 News:

The couple used their vacation money as bail money, say at one point they were forced to sleep in a local Honolulu park because they ran out of money after being told they could not leave the city to return to California. Their short vacation turned into a six-month ordeal. The charges against them were ultimately dropped.

"While the women were in the checkout line, Harrison grabbed Wilson by the wrist, and she started to call 911, the women said last year," The Guardian reports. "All three got into a scuffle and Harrison arrested them. They were charged with felony assault on an officer and spent three days in jail. Charges were eventually dismissed."

The couple sued the officer and the city in federal court and have just agreed to an $80,000 settlement, which the city will still have to approve.


Image: Screenshot via KHON2 News/YouTube