Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Also Attacked Feminists: ‘Angry, Militant, Man-Hating Lesbians’


She's Up for Election to Keep Her State Supreme Court Seat Next Month, but in College Rebecca Bradley Made a Career of Bashing Gay People, Liberals, Democrats, and Feminists

In a college magazine column Rebecca Bradley called feminists "angry, militant, man-hating lesbians who abhor the traditional family," and she's so far refusing to apologize for it, saying she first needs to go back and read it.  

Bradley's anti-feminism remarks, made in 1992, were unveiled Wednesday, and are a new addition to the anti-gay and racially-charged ones revealed earlier this week, which included calling gay people "queers" and "degenerates."

Bradley has apologized – "to those offended" – for her college newspaper letters to the editor and column at Marquette, a Catholic university she attended back in  the early 1990s. Justice Bradley, appointed to the Wisconsin Supreme Court late last year by GOP Gov. Scott Walker, will face voters on April 5. She says the revelations that came out this week – thanks to a liberal non-profit, One Wisconsin Now – are merely "a blatant mudslinging campaign," and claims her comments "have nothing to do with the issues facing the voters of this state."

One Wisconsin Now on Wednesday noted that Bradley had also written that "author Camille Paglia, 'legitimately suggested that women play a role in date rape.'"

On Monday it was revealed that Bradley had made highly-offensive comments about gay people, people living with (and dying from) AIDS, people who voted for Bill Clinton, people who support a woman's right to choose, and affirmative action.

"Heterosexual sex is very healthy in a loving marital relationship. Homosexual sex, however, kills," Bradley wrote in 1992. 

"One will be better off contracting AIDS than developing cancer because those afflicted with the politically correct disease will be getting all of the funding. How sad that the lives of degenerate drug addicts and queers are valued more than the innocent victims of prevalent ailments," Bradley also wrote.

She called President Bill Clinton a "murderer," and "a tree-hugging, baby-killing, pot-smoking, flag-burning, queer-loving, draft-dodging, bull-spouting '60s radical socialist adulterer." 

She also "wondered" if "white men," after the effects of Clinton's affirmative action initiatives, "will receive undeserved and unearned preferences over blacks and women as they become increasingly disadvantaged."

On Tuesday Gov. Scott Walker refused to condemn her remarks.


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