WATCH: Will This Attack Ad From a Conservative Super PAC Stop Trump?


Right Wing Super PAC's Ad Uses Trump's 'Best Words'

Over the past week conservatives have spent $10 million attacking Donald Trump, hoping to end – or at least slow – what seems like his all-but-guaranteed win of the GOP presidential nomination.

Has it worked?


We'll find out Tuesday when Idaho, Michigan and Mississippi have their primaries, and Hawaii has its caucuses. Then, the following Tuesday, March 15, with Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, and Ohio have their primaries, along with the Northern Mariana Islands caucus.

Meanwhile, Washington Post opinion writer Chris Cillizza just posted a column stating: "If any TV ad can slow down Donald Trump, this might be the one."

What do you think?

Will Trump supporters just see this as an attack from "establishment Republicans" who are too "PC"? Will those on the fence see this and ask themselves if the Oval Office deserves someone like this?

Can anything stop Trump?


The ad was posted by American Future Fund Political Action, "a voice for conservative principles that sustains free market ideals focused on bolstering America’s global competitiveness across the country."



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Image: Screenshot via AmericanFutureFund/YouTube