WATCH: Trump Campaign Manager Caught On Camera Grabbing Protester


Recently Accused of Assaulting a Reporter, Being 'Sexually Suggestive With Female Journalists'

Donald Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was caught on camera Saturday appearing to grab the collar of a non-violent protester and helping to push or shove him aside. The video was posted to Twitter by Jacqueline Alemany, a CBS News reporter. Another man, identified as one of Trump's plain clothes private security guards by a political reporter for The Guardian, appeared to assist:

Lewandowski earlier this month was accused by Michelle Fields, a reporter for the conservative website Breitbart, of grabbing and yanking her arm, leaving bruises. She resigned and filed charges. Lewandowski and the Trump campaign denied the allegation, despite video surfacing that appeared to support her charge. 

A Politico report this week, "Trump campaign manager's behavior prompted staff concerns," claims "Corey Lewandowski's temperament and inappropriate comments drew ire at his previous job, too."

Politico states they spoke with "more than 20 sources who have dealt with Lewandowski" and reports that during their investigation, "complaints emerged about Lewandowski being rough with reporters and sexually suggestive with female journalists, while profanely berating conservative officials and co-workers he deemed to be challenging his authority."

UPDATE– Breaking: Trump Campaign Denies Lewandowski Assaulted Protester, States Rallies Are 'Private Events'

Oliver Darcy, Deputy Managing Editor at Glenn Beck's conservative website The Blaze:

Daily Beast's Gideon Resnick:

Some responses via Twitter:


Image: Screenshots via Jacqueline Alemany/Twitter