WATCH: Trump Calls Elizabeth Warren ‘The Indian’ – She Hits ‘Wannabe Tyrant’ Back


Massachusetts Senator, New York Billionaire Wage Back-And-Forth War of Words

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump called Elizabeth Warren "the Indian" when asked about the U.S. Senator's comments about him at a press event Monday afternoon.

“Who is that, the Indian? You mean the Indian?” Trump asked when questioned about Warren's comments. The label, some would say an attempt to slur the Democrat from Massachusetts, comes from controversy that raged in 2012 when it was revealed Sen. Warren wrote on a Harvard employment document that she is part native American Indian.

Warren Monday took to Twitter and posted a series of tweets attacking Trump as "a loser," whose "insecurities are on parade," including, "petty bullying, attacks on women, cheap racism, flagrant narcissism." But she also warned that "just because @realDonaldTrump is a loser everywhere else doesn’t mean he’ll lose this election."

The battle began when Warren last week on Facebook wrote, "Donald Trump is a bigger, uglier threat every day that goes by — and it's time for decent people everywhere — Republican, Democrat, Independent - to say No More Donald."

In Sunday's New York Times, anti-Clinton columnist Maureen Dowd quoted Trump responding to Warren's remarks.

"I think it's wonderful because the Indians can now partake in the future of the country," Trump said, according to Dowd. "She's got about as much Indian blood as I have."

After Trump's press event Monday, Sen. Warren once again took to Twitter, posting this new series of tweets:

There's a clear winner in this battle, and it's not Donald Trump.