Watch Live: Kentucky Senate To Vote On ‘Religious Liberty’ Bill Nullifying Local LGBT Protections


Lawmakers Vote on Bill Creating Special Protections for People of Faith Against LGBT Citizens

The Kentucky Senate is slated to vote on SB 180 today, according to The Fairness Campaign of Kentucky.

SB 180, one of many RFRA bills that are making their way across the nation, would effectively nullify local LGBT protections and nondiscrimination ordinances by allowing any person or business to refuse service to another based on their sincerely held religious beliefs.

The bill is sponsored by Republican State Senator Albert Robinson. It specifically protects those who "provide customized, artistic, expressive, creative, ministerial, or spiritual goods or services, or judgments, attestations, or other commissions that involve protected rights." In other words, florists, bakers, and photographers, as well as pastors, preachers, and other faith leaders who might be asked to perform a service or sell a product to a same-sex couple.

SB 180 passed out of committee by a stunning 8-1 vote last month. On his Facebook page heralding the passage, Sen. Robinson said it "passed the Senate over much objection from the homosexual supporters. Hopefully the House of Representatives won't bow to their demands."

You can watch live on the Kentucky Senate website.

It's unclear what time the bill will be taken up. We'll update this post and publish a new one based on the vote, or if there's more information on the bill's timing.

Bill passes: Breaking: KY Senate Passes Bill Protecting People of Faith From Having to Serve Same-Sex Couples


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