Trump Surrogate: ‘Riots Aren’t Necessarily a Bad Thing’ (Video)


Trump Supporter Defends GOP Frontrunner's Threat of Riots

Tea Party pundit, columnist, activist, and prominent Donald Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes responded to the GOP frontrunner's threat Wednesday of riots if he doesn't get the GOP nomination at a brokered convention. 

“Riots aren’t necessarily a bad thing,” Scottie Nell Hughes told CNN's Wolf Blitzer Wednesday afternoon (video above). The Hill notes Hughes has "has appeared with Trump at campaign rallies."

“I don’t consider riots to be a violent thing,” Hughes added.

She went on to insist that riots aren't bad if it means supporters of Donald Trump are "fighting the fact that our establishment Republican Party has gone corrupt and decided to ignore the voice of the people and ignore the process."

Stunned, Wolf Blitzer pressed Hughes.

"You really don't want riots to emerge at the Republican convention, in Chicago, where people could be injured, people could be hurt, they could be maimed, you don't want riots?," Blitzer asked.

"It's not riot as in a negative thing we've seen in the past,” Hughes responded. "I know they would not resort to violence, however they would make sure their voices are heard, that they can't be ignored.”



Image: Screenshot via CNN