Ted Cruz Demands President Obama Leave Cuba, Travel to Brussels or U.S. To ‘Keep America Safe’


Texas Tea Party Senator Previously Condemned Obama's Historic Trip to Cuba

Ted Cruz wants President Barack Obama on U.S. soil or flying to Brussels in the wake of Tuesday morning's terror attacks. The Texas Tea Party Senator running for president claimed "President Obama is going to baseball games with the Castros," while "our friends and allies are being attacked by terrorists."

Cruz claimed that “President Obama should be back in the country keeping America safe, or President Obama should be on his way to Brussels.”

It's unclear what Sen. Cruz thinks President Obama would do to help the situation by traveling to Brussels, given that he has no authority in Belgium, and that his extensive detail would merely add confusion to an already beleaguered nation. 

It's also unclear how traveling the 90 or so miles back to the United States from Cuba would help keep America any safer. Cuba is actually just 123 miles further from Washington, D.C. than Omaha, Nebraska, where the United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) is located.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, also running for president, also called for President Obama to cut short his Cuba trip and return to Washington.

“The president ought to get back to Washington and ought to be on the phones,” he said, as Buzzfeed reported. “Perhaps they could work them from Cuba, but I wouldn’t be going to any baseball game today, that’s for darn sure. I think that probably he should suspend that visit, fly back to Washington, and arrange some conferences with the heads of state.”

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