North Carolina Attorney General: I Will Not Defend Gov. McCrory’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Anti-LGBT Law


Democratic AG Roy Cooper Tears Apart GOP Gov. Pat McCrory's Sweeping Anti-LGBT Law As 'National Embrrassment'

Roy Cooper says he will not defend North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory's anti-LGBT bill in court, and he's making clear that includes the court of public opinion. The Democratic Attorney General who is challenging the Republican Governor in November issued a statement Tuesday calling McCrory's HB2 "unconstitutional," "shameful," and "a national embarrassment." That statement was obtained by Buzzfeed's Dominic Holden.

Cooper warns the new law, which was introduced into the General Assembly last Wednesday, voted on in both chambers, passed, and signed by the governor in under 12 hours, will "set North Carolina's economy back" if it is not repealed.

He also predicts a "flood of litigation," noting the first has already been filed. 

In an especially interesting note, Cooper says that the "legislature has passed a law granting legislative leaders the right to hire outside counsel and intervene in these types of cases." While Cooper does not mention it, that of course will be at the taxpayers' expense.

Last week Cooper published this video denouncing HB2. 


Image: Screenshot via Roy Cooper/YouTube
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