Carson Endorses ‘Cerebral’ and ‘Reasonable’ Trump After Trump Labeled Him ‘Pathological’


Two Conservatives Say They've 'Buried the Hatchet'

Ben Carson officially endorsed Donald Trump for president Friday morning, praising the GOP frontrunner as "cerebral" and "reasonable."

Before dropping out of the GOP race, Carson had been labeled "pathological" by Trump, who even compared him to a child molester when his numbers began to eclipse the Manhattan billionaire's.

Carson's claim that there are "two Donald Trumps" drew reporters' questions. 

First, Trump agreed there are "two Donald Trumps":

Then minutes later, flip-flopped, saying there's only one, who is a "very deep thinker":

Trump promised that Carson would have a strong role in his administration, especially in the areas of medicine and education:

But just four months ago Trump had a very different impression of his former opponent: