Breaking: Judge Refuses Convicted Philly Gay Hate Attacker’s Request To End Jail Sentence


Kathryn Knott Will Have to Serve the Remainder of Her Jail Sentence

Kathryn Knott will not be getting out of jail any time soon. The convicted Philadelphia anti-gay hate attacker who refused a generous plea deal, insisting she was innocent, will have to serve her 5-10 month sentence, a judge Monday morning ordered.

"The sentence is well within the guidelines and is as appropriate as I can provide within the law and shall remain," Judge Roxanne Covington told Knott and her new attorney, Bill Brennan. "The motion is denied," Philly Voice reports.

Brennan had requested Judge Covington consider allowing his client to record a public service announcement in exchange for removing her jail sentence. The argument Knott's attorney made was she should not have been given a stiffer sentence than the one her two accomplices were given in the plea bargain they agreed to.

"We're disappointed that some of the options we presented were not granted," Brennan told reporters. "I thank and applaud Judge Covington for allowing our process to take place in an open court. I can deal with a denial. I can't deal with a non-response or a stonewall."

Knott has 30 days to file an appeal.

She was found guilty in December of a September 2014 attack on a same-sex couple that left one of them unconscious and forced to have his jaw wired shut for months.


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Image of Knott by Victor Fiorillo via Twitter