Anti-Gay Texas Wingnut Molly White Calls for Recount After Losing by 118 Votes in Primary


Infamous Islamophobe Refused to Meet With Gay Constituent, Boasted About Being Named Most Anti-LGBT Lawmaker

GOP Texas state Rep. Molly White, who once refused to meet with a gay constituent and later boasted about being named the state's most anti-LGBT lawmker, was narrowly defeated in the Republican Primary on Tuesday. However, White announced Wednesday that she's requesting a recount, after falling to former GOP Rep. Hugh Shine by just 118 votes. 

"After prayer and conversations with my team and supporters we have decided to request a recount of the ballots cast in House District 55. We are at peace regardless of the results," White wrote on Facebook. "There were 19,060 votes cast and current returns show us coming short by only 118 votes. Ensuring fairness and accuracy with this election is essential for our community."

Here's how a Facebook group opposed to White responded: 


As we we reported Wednesday, several delusional anti-LGBT Republicans — including Travis County GOP chair-elect Robert Morrow and state school board candidate Mary Lou Bruner — advanced in Texas on Super Tuesday. However, White's defeat — along with that of GOP Rep. Debbie Riddle — gave LGBT advocates something to cheer about.  

White is perhaps best known for posting an Islamophobic rant on Facebook during Muslim lobbying day at the Capitol last year. She wrote that she'd place an Israeli flag in her office and directed her staff to ask Muslim visitors to renounce terror groups and declare allegiance to America. 

"We will see how long they stay in my office," White wrote. 


In response, Equality Texas delivered an LGBT Pride flag to White's office, to celebrate the diversity and unity of Texas: 

White was featured prominently in a photo of lawmakers cutting an anti-gay hate cake last February: 


Later, White would file two awful anti-gay bills seeking to undermine the U.S. Supreme Court's impending decision legalizing same-sex marriage. And during Equality Texas' lobby day in 2015, White refused to meet with a gay constituent, saying it would be "a waste of time." 

When Equality Texas named White the most anti-LGBT lawmaker in the House following the 2015 legislative session, she posted a link to the group's scorecard on Facebook and wrote: “I am very happy to represent the pro-family values in my District."

White is also an anti-choice extremist, even keeping rubber fetuses in her car that reflect different stages of pregnancy. And she filed a bill to stop taxpayer funding of Agenda 21, a United Nations initiative which only in America is seen by conservatives as a one world government conspiracy theory: 


Riddle, meanwhile, received a glitter-bomb in the mail last year — which prompted a a hilarious alert from the Texas Department  of Public Safety — after filing a bill that would have barred transgender people from using public restrooms in accordance with their gender identities. I approached Riddle about the bill several times during last year's legislative session, but she was too much of a coward to discuss it with me. 

Earlier this year, Riddle said "confused" trans people need to "look in the mirror after a shower," after Texas prisons began offering hormone therapy to inmates. 

White and Riddle both represent conservative districts, and it's doubtful that their replacements will be much better on LGBT issues. However, it's hard to imagine them being any worse, and at the very least, perhaps they won't be so much of an embarrassment to the state. 


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