An Apology


NCRM published an inaccurate and unfair story today, and we apologize.

Sunday afternoon The New Civil Rights Movement published an article on Senator Bernie Sanders with a video showing him speaking to his wife, Dr. Jane Sanders, as the two were onstage. The article inaccurately described their interaction, and even incorrectly reported his words. The Senator appeared to say to Dr. Sanders, "Don't stand there," and we reported that as, "Don't stand next to me."

Worse, however, was the tone of the article. It described the Vermont Senator as a "cad," which we have no reason to believe is fair.

Even if we had gotten these important details correct, the question becomes, was this newsworthy? In an age where the media – sometimes us, included – breathlessly reports what seems like every comment that Donald Trump makes, and now, nearly every comment that Ted Cruz makes, one might say yes, but I do not.

This was not newsworthy, and that we suggested it was by publishing it did a disservice to our readers and to the Senator and his wife. For all this we apologize to our readers and to Senator and Mrs. Sanders. We were wrong. Our readers, and Senator and Dr. Sanders deserve better. Again, we apologize, to you all.

The article has been taken down.

Readers were, rightly, quick to challenge us, and we appreciate your words. Every comment on our website, on our Facebook page, and every email has or will be been read. It's impossible to respond to them all, so we offer this by way of a thank you, and we ask you to give us another chance with your trust.


David Badash
Founder, Publisher, and Editor