‘You Came In Second? Go F*ck Yourself’: Colbert Hysterically Mocks Donald Trump’s Loss In Iowa


Stephen Colbert Mimics Responses From New York Tabloids To Take Down Donald

Stephen Colbert Tuesday night wondered if Donald Trump's loss in Iowa was in part related to him standing up against Ted Cruz's slur about "New York Values." While that may have been the one and only honorable stand Trump has made in his entire campaign, Colbert took offered no mercy to Trump, nor to the New York tabloids that decimated the Manhattan billionaire.

The New York Daily News ran a front page cover Tuesday that read: "Dead Clown Walking." And The New York Post ran with "Cruz-ified."

Mocking Trump's loss and even taking a shot at the tabloids, Colbert paraphrased the headlines by saying, “Thanks for sticking up for us, Donald — oh, you came in second? Go f*ck yourself.” 

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The entire segment is hilarious, like when Colbert compares the entire presidential field to the creatures in the "Gremlins" movies.

But perhaps the best part comes when we see an old clip of Donald Trump "during the 56th primetime Emmys program — when the reality TV star dressed up in overalls and sang the 'Green Acres' theme song," as Raw Story noted.




Image: Screenshot via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/YouTube
Hat tip: Raw Story