Top Trump Spokesperson Says She Called Pres. Obama ‘Head Negro’ Because Of Liberal ‘Twitter Trolls’


Katrina Pierson Likens Attacks On Her Repeated Racist Tweets To Trump's Fight With 'Biased' Fox News

Katrina Pierson says it's perfectly OK that she called President Barack Obama "head Negro" because as a conservative activist she was merely defending Ted Cruz and Newt Gingrich in "heated discussions" against liberal "Twitter trolls." Now the top spokesperson for the Donald Trump presidential campaign, Pierson Thursday afternoon was forced to defend her 2012 comment to CNN.

Earlier this week she defended her decision to post this tweet in 2012 by sloughing it off to just plain "silliness."

Pierson took a different stance on these tweets, slamming CNN's Jim Sciutto for going back "36,000 tweets" to this 2012 tweet in which she labeled President Barack Obama a "Jihadi," and to a 2013 in which she throws the racial slur "head Negro" at the President:

Sciutto called the tweets "somewhat alarming." Pierson claimed that "as an activist" especially in 2012, "we spend most of our time fighting off liberal activists and other establishment activists."

It's unclear if @TrillTitan or @DOTCOM_MOM are "liberal activists" or "establishment activists." @DOTCOM_MOM appears to now be a Donald Trump supporter and a conservative Christian anti-choice activist who is supporting David Daleiden, the indicted creator and promotor of the fake Planned Parenthood sting videos.

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Pierson also slammed CNN for taking the tweets "out of context." The @TrillTitan Twitter account has since been suspended so it's not possible to get the full context but looking chronologically at the tweets it doesn't appear Pierson mentioned Ted Cruz or Newt Gingrich in her conversation, although just before she posted the "head Negro" tweet she posted this tweet, also using a racial slur:

“So of course you could pull any of those tweets out of one of those heated discussions because a lot of times it’s in the sphere of fighting off other liberal activists,” Pierson claimed.

“I got to tell you. It’s interesting that this has made some sort of news cycle when we have all of the things that are happening in the world, including a presidential race, to go back 36,000 tweets, pull them out of context of the discussion and try to make that a news story.” 

She concluded that the reason Donald Trump pulled out of the Fox News debate is the same reason she discounts her usage of racial slurs as newsworthy: the "biased" media.




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