This Interview Of Michele Bachmann Saying Laws That Contradict God’s Laws Cannot Stand Is Chilling


Bachmann Reveals She Saw Her Role As An Extension Of Biblical Lawmakers, Like Moses

Former Tea Party Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann retired from the U.S. Congress after several ethics investigations were launched into her 2012 presidential campaign, but now we're learning just how frightening her tenure was. Bachmann served the people of Minnesota from 2007 to 2015, and according to this interview with fake historian David Barton, Bachmann saw her role as an extension of Moses.

The controversial conservative extremist who built her career on the backs of the LGBT people whom she attacked and maligned for decades claimed that all laws are based on the Bible, and any law that violates God's law cannot stand. To do so, Bachmann said, only "degrades the greatness of a nation."

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As Right Wing Watch reports, Bachmann told Barton of a marble carving of biblical lawmakers, including Justinian, Hammurabi, and Moses. She said, "a holy God gave to Moses the moral law, the Ten Commandments, the law upon which every other law has descended and upon which no other law, if it violates that moral law, could stand, because that is the ultimate law."

Fortunately, Bachmann only successfully sponsored one bill that ever became law. Her other deeds in Congress, like hosting a Christian led prayer event inside the nation's Capitol Rotunda, were frightening.

Watch as she describes her religious beliefs surrounding what she thinks is supposed to happen in the House of Representatives.




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