Ted Cruz Confirmed To Speak At ‘Free To Believe’ Religious Liberty Event Hosted By Tony Perkins


Four Other GOP Presidential Candidates And Anti-Gay Pastor Who Wanted Class-Action Lawsuit Against Gays To Speak

Ted Cruz on Saturday will headline the Family Research Council's "Free To Believe" annual broadcast, which the anti-gay hate group boasts will appear in all 50 states and churches across the county.

The event, designed to promote Christian extremism and teach Christians nationwide to believe they are victims of a liberal agenda and issues related to same-sex marriage, will include speakers FRC calls "heroes that have stood strong when their religious freedom is compromised." 

Cruz will be joined by fellow GOP presidential candidates Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Mike Huckabee.

Other speakers include Cruz's co-host, Pastor Rick Scarborough, who once suggested Christians file a class-action lawsuit against all gay people, as the federal government did against tobacco companies, because, he said, homosexuality is harmful to health.

Scarborough has also called HIV/AIDS God's "judgment" for homosexuality, and "a homosexual disease."

Cruz is no stranger to Christian extremist events, and ignores the naysayers who suggest they are beneath the dignity of a sitting U.S. Senator and presidential candidate.

The Texas Tea Party Republican Senator, who was endorsed by the National Organization For Marriage (NOM) in December,  the previous month spoke at the National Religious Liberties Conference, created and hosted by Pastor Kevin Swanson.

Swanson "has frequently claimed that the government should put gay people to death," as Right Wing Watch has documented. Pastor Swanson, true to form, on the very same stage that Cruz – along with Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal – spoke, and called for the death of gay people.

Other speakers at Saturday's event include Kim Davis' attorney Mat Staver, Southern Baptist Convention President Dr. Ronnie Floyd, and the Benham Brothers.


Image by iprimages via Flickr and a CC license
Hat tip: Right Wing Watch