‘Idiot’ ‘Buffoon’ ‘Demagogue’ ‘Wazzock’: British Parliament Condemns Trump (Video)


Many Members of Parliament voiced strong words in support of banning Donald Trump from the UK for hate speech, especially against Muslims.

Could Donald Trump be persona non grata on the soil of one of America's closest and strongest allies?

In Parliament today, MPs debated for three hours that very issue, knowing at the end only the British Home Secretary (Secretary of State) has the power to decide. Trump would be the 111th person banned from the UK for hate speech should The Right Honourable Theresa May decide to do so.

Trump was described by the MPs as an "idiot," a "buffoon," a "fool," a "wazzock," and a "demagogue."

One Member of Parliament, Tulip Siddiq, who is Muslim, today spoke in support of banning Trump.

"His words are not comical. His words are not funny. His words are poisonous," she said (video above), noting Trump is "interviewing for the most important job in the world."

Another MP who supports banning the GOP frontrunner framed it in the context of ISIS.

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"ISIS needs Donald Trump and Donald Trump needs ISIS," Labour MP Jack Dromey said. "ISIS needs to be able to say, 'Muslims you are under attack.' Donald Trump needs to say on the other hand, 'You are under attack by Muslims.'"

But another warned that a "ban would be a headline throughout the world."

A petition to ban Trump from the UK has been signed by over 575,000 people.


Editor's note: This article has been updated to properly reflect he number of people banned for hate speech.

Image: Screenshot via Channel 4 News/YouTube
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