Majority Give Chris Christie Grade Of ‘F’ On Every Issue In New NJ Survey


Two Out Of Three Give New Jersey Governor Failing Grade In Each And Every Area

"New Jerseyans, it seems, positively hate the job he’s doing for the state."

So reads an editorial, "NJ sees Christie as gubernatorial failure," by, of a survey the paper conducted in conjunction with the Asbury Park Press.

"Asked to grade the governor’s job on nine issues plus his overall job performance, he received a majority of Fs on each one," the Asbury Park Press observes.

67 percent the 1382 participants give Christie an overall grade of "F."

Here's the breakdown:

ENVIRONMENT AND ENERGY: 62.44% rate him an "F"

ECONOMY, JOB CREATION: 68.26% rate him an "F"

TAXES, STATE BUDGET: 73.11% rate him an "F"

TRANSPORTATION: 69.10% rate him an "F"

LEADERSHIP: 71.17% rate him an "F"

EDUCATION: 68.81% rate him an "F"

SANDY RECOVERY: 54.92% rate him an "F"

GUN CONTROL: 63.87% rate him an "F"

TRANSPARENCY: 77.25% rate him an "F"

But what's worse are the comments New Jersey readers wrote. Here they are from his "overall" section:

Still wondering about the Jersey comeback ... He has used NJ as a stepping stone to the White House ... Self promoting, abuser of power ... Is there any grade lower than F? ... He has been the absolute worst governor NJ has ever had to endure. ... Corrupt, a bully, vindictive, and insensitive to the needs of his constituents — unless you’re a millionaire ... He has dug a hole that will take years from which to recover ... He has his own agenda, he turned his back on NJ ... Everything he does is for personal gain. He cares nothing about the citizens he represents ... I really tried to find areas where I could give him better than an F. Couldn’t find one ... He has played our state like a fiddle! ... He needs to stop talking down to people that don’t agree with him.

He’s been running for president since he was sworn in ... You have to be present to get credit. He’s absent most of the time ... He vilifies anyone who dares to disagree with him ... He’s become thoroughly incompetent for the job he was hired to do ... Without Chris Christie, New Jersey would be in a very bad financial state ... Divides the people of NJ ... It’s everyone’s fault but his ... Worst governor in my lifetime and probably NJ history ... If a student doesn’t come to class he fails ... Doing a good job considering he has to work with that tax-happy Democratic Legislature.

An abject failure — pension, bond ratings, education policy, failure to sign legislation for gun control, infrastructure crumbling, no tunnel or mass transportation, the list goes on, and what is worse is his culture of bombast and conceit ... Talks a good game but doesn’t perform ... Arrogant windbag ... The more his term has progressed the more upset I have become with the governor ... I am counting the days until his term is finished and I hope that will be the last I see of him affecting our lives in NJ and the country! ... He has a no-show job. Who is in charge?

Nationally, Christie is seeing an uptick in the polls, even though he's garnered only 3 to 10 percent of Republicans in December, ranking fifth.


Image by Bob Jagendorf via Flickr and a CC license
Hat tip: Digby/Hullabaloo